Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tango, tigers and tears...

Howdy from our last day in South America!

We have been in Buenos Aires since this past Monday and have been enjoying our final week in South America. On Wednesday we went to a professional soccer game. A team called La Boca (thought to be one of the best in Argentina) played against a team named Arsenal (unfortunately not the one from England, that would have been too good to be true). It was amazing! The fans were unlike any other fans that I have ever seen. Even A & M. Soccer is their passion. It is what they love and live for. Fortunately Boca won 3-1 with some incredible goals and the stadium literally shook. We really enjoyed this unique experience.

On Thursday we were able to have a private one on one Tango lesson at the hotel that we stayed at. A professional tango instructor came to our shared living room as we moved things aside and were able to learn a little bit of this legendary Argentinian dance. The move with your arms straight out and going from one corner of the room to the other is apparently only done in Hollywood, not in Buenos Aires. It was fun and Eric was a good sport. The evening before some Australian and New Zealand friends and we went to a tango club with a live orchestra. This gathering of locals meeting to dance was called a "milango" and there were practically no tourists. One of the best and cheapest ways to see the real stuff.

The next to last day we headed out of the city limits to a town an hour and a half away called Lujuan. Once there we found the Lujan Zoo which was started in 1994 by a very wealthy man. It is more of a safari like petting zoo. We were able to get in cages with tigers, monkeys, baby lions and adult lions but we decided not to push our luck to much with them as they didn't seem to be in the friendliest mood. I rode a camel, we both went for a ride on an elephant and finally got to see a tucan! It was great! We have some incredible pictures of this visit that would never happen in the states. Too much liablity.

So the past 3 and a half months are finally coming to an end. It has been an incredible journey of inspirational monuments, mesmerizing sunsets and stunning vistas. It really does make you think just how blessed we are to be able to live in a world with such natural beauty. The experience of this trip is just that... an experience. One of many that is yet to come. But as the saying goes, "Carpe Diem!" Seize the day! I feel that is exactly what Eric and I have done. We have lived in the moment and for the moment. Each and every one. The good the bad and the beautiful.

We are heading back to the states on a plane tonight at 9 and will arrive in Austin tomorrow. We will be home for a month or so and then head back out again for a road trip from Mid September to Mid November out west through New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. We will hopefully be seeing many of you during our travels. Thank you for letting us into your lives if only through pictures and words. We have appreciated your love and well wishes throughout the year. We are both very blessed to have friends and family that support us in the way that you do.

Erika and Eric

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Claire and Andy said...

Just catching up with your travels! The last post brought back lots of memories, especially the Tango lesson. Claire's feet are still bruised!! Amazing photos and write up, Erika. Look forward to catching up in person with both you and Eric in the hopefully not too distant future. We have been perfecting our card playing skills in preparation!! Enjoy being home for a while!