Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bariloche con Mis Padres

So we have just finished a week of meeting up with my parents in Bariloche, Argentina. It is a beautiful lakeside town in West Argentina that is reminiscent of Switzerland. It is set amongst various mountains and lakes with picturesque views. We were able to partake in a time share hotel with them, which was nice to be able to do. It certainly helped on the pocket book...more to spend elsewhere I say, but I´m sure Eric would disagree.

We have gone on Gondola rides and chairlifts up to the top of some peaks to get a better view of the lakes, rented a car to drive to surrounding cities such as Colonia Suiza, La Angostura and have even done a little bit of fishing along the way. My dad brought his fishing pole from the states. Only him...

The highlight of our time here has been the eruption of Volcano Chaiten in Northern Patagonia (which happened in Chile) and the ashes from it have drifted as far as Buenos Aires if not farther. It appeared one morning this week almost looking like frost on the ground, but on further investigation we discovered it was ashes from the volcano. Quite a site! It hasn´t erupted in 9,000 years!!! Can you believe our luck? The airport is closed here but thankfully we were already planning to take the bus south towards Ushuaia.

It has been a nice visit with my parents. They even have backpacks (although much bigger) like we do and seem to be doing quite well with them. I am quite proud of their vigor and love of experiencing new things. We have added some pictures of the trip so far and hope that we can share a litle bit of our travels with you. We hope this finds you well and in good spirits!


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AA said...

Hola Erika,

Me da mucho gusto que la estas pasando muy bien en Argentina. Por favor manda saludos a tus padres por mi y a Eric tambien. Los admiro a ellos y a toda tu familia for ser tan adventurosos! Que maravilla! Espero hablar en español contigo cuando regreses, asi que practica! Cuidate!